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Water2go: the trusted brand when it comes to water retailing solutions

Water2go has started with their unique offering on the Waterbar concept in 2012 and has installed more than 400 Waterbar units in SA already, with a fast-growing footprint in Botswana as well.

Our lease offering on the Waterbar systems are tested and proven, we are the sole installers for 3 of the largest retail groups in SA, with a healthy footprint in most franchise stores as well as the corporate stores.

Our Waterbar leasing concept is a “no-brainer”:

1. We install at ZERO cost to you!

2. We maintain the system on a monthly basis, callouts and maintenance are on us!

3. We only charge a percentage of what you sold per month, and you only get billed after your customers paid you already. No fixed or hidden fees, you only pay pro-rata of your sales.

4. What happens if your system gets too small to accommodate your monthly sales? That is simple, then we supply you with a larger purifier at our cost.

5. The unit in-store takes up less than 1m² of floor space, and the purifier at the back of the store is built according to the space available.

And if you bought a Waterbar system from another supplier, but are not satisfied with the service you receive, or just want to join the Water2go brand, we also do a takeover, upgrade and maintenance arrangement.

What we do:

· Waterbar units for retail stores

· Whole store water filtration solutions

· Water bottling and distribution

· Suppliers of DAB and Grundfos pumps, from domestic to industrial or agricultural pumps

· Customized industrial water filtration plants

We are constantly looking for ways to upgrade and improve our systems in our aim to strive to be the best in our line of business.

Water2go is a registered trademark, and we also provide the necessary barcoded labels for bottling to all our Lessee’s.

In some areas the municipal or borehole supply water needs to be filtered and sterilized before it can be used in food preparation, and have you considered that clean water extends the shelf life of products prepared in store? We have various solutions available, and if you lease a Waterbar, other filtration systems like our whole store or department filtration units are supplied and services at a discounted rate.

So, if you do not have one in your store already, visit our website



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