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Unnecessary panic buying - Dischem urges shoppers to remain calm

Dis-Chem Pharmacies have called for calm following a day of panic buying and stores crowded with shoppers.

According to Dis-Chem CEO Ivan Saltzman, the group falls into the category of organisations that will remain open throughout the lockdown period as they are essential to the production and transportation of food, basic goods and medical supplies. In fact, we see this as our duty as one of the support functions.

“We will remain open for the duration of the lockdown period. We have extensive warehouses which are fully stocked, we have ramped up delivery schedules and our supply chain will ensure the distribution of goods to stores on a regular basis. Many stores are working extra hours to keep shelves stocked. We are reassuring all South Africans that we have put in the necessary steps and protocols, including temperature monitoring, to ensure that Dis-Chem continues to provide a critical service to shoppers during an unprecedented time for our country and its people.”

He also urged shoppers to be cognisant of the pressure under which store employees are working.

“Some of our staff are working double-shifts and overtime to ensure that shelves are replenished regularly. We have taken every necessary precaution to ensure the highest levels of health and safety in our stores, and all staff members are rigorously following strict hygiene measures and protocols. Due to the unprecedented influx of online orders, we are overwhelmed and working day and night to ensure orders are dispatched and ask customers to be patient. However, we have seen incidents where shoppers have unnecessarily verbally abused our staff. Please remember that they are working under very trying circumstances and we plead with consumers to be more tolerant both of our workforce and their fellow shoppers. We are all in this together and while the next three weeks will be difficult for all of us, we need to band together for the greater good of our country and fellow citizens,” Saltzman concluded.

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