• Shaun Bateman

Twizza serving valued customers and fellow South Africans on Mandela Day

Written by Elsabe Booyens Booyens

The world’s most-loved statesman, Nelson Mandela, inaugurated Nelson Mandela International Day in 2009 as a response to what he saw as a global crisis of poverty and inequality; it is a day that is all about getting out and into communities, doing hard work and engaging with people, and Proudly South African company, Twizza has risen to the challenge.

This year, the Covid-19 pandemic brutally exposed the deep inequality in most societies and is thrusting millions more around the world into poverty. Here in South Africa, many people are starving. Emergency relief should be a priority for all South Africans, but we need to be thinking about longer-term needs too.

Addressing this long-term food insecurity will require public policy changes, innovative thinking on how to support small-scale food producers, the development of more efficient access and delivery systems, and fostering a culture of home and school gardening. However, for now, small scale actions can make big impacts on South Africans who are living from hand to mouth, and it is here that Twizza chose to make a difference.

“Last year we adopted five focus areas for the Mandela Day campaign: Shelter, Education, Food and Nutrition, Sanitation and Active Citizenry,” said Yase Godlo, Mandela Day Champion, Nelson Mandela Foundation.“COVID-19 has heightened the significance of all these areas. For Mandela Day 2020 we asked people - in their organisations, their workplaces, their families, and in their private capacities - to support in practical ways, big or small, a family facing challenges in these areas.

For that one family, it could mean the difference between coping and not coping in these winter months” Twizza partnered with NOSH Food Rescue, renowned chefs from Johannesburg and the Thava Indian Restaurant in support of their Chefs with Compassion project for Mandela Day to serve a nourishing meal to 67 000 fellows South Africans. Twizza supported this campaign as it connected us with our customers and communities across all walks of life!

Twizza is focused on developing key relationships that serve and nurture the citizens of our country and used the opportunity to make Mandela Day 2020 a special one for many who are feeling the greatest impact of COVID-19 extended lockdown rules. Twizza envisages more than just a crisis-response, but an ongoing and long-lasting relationship with NOSH Food Rescue, restaurants, and chefs around SA to make a sizable dent in the terrible scourge that is food insecurity.