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Trendsetting feminine hygiene brand turns heads in-store!

Being a woman in 2020 is no small feat, and South Africa’s No.1 feminine hygiene brand gets it. GynaGuard, marketed by Adcock Ingram Healthcare (Pty) Ltd., has recently undergone an exciting facelift which included the launch of the GynaGuard pHenomenal Women marketing campaign. The campaign is focused on educating women regarding the importance of feminine hygiene, as well as dispelling the myths and taboos around this topic.

GynaGuard’s message to all women of all ages and from all walks of life, is: “We get what it means to be a woman. We get you. Make GynaGuard a part of your routine. Restore balance with our pH balanced intimate products.”

GynaGuard products encompasses three ranges: The Comfort Range, gentle enough to use every day, which consists of the Essential Intimate Wash, Intimate Cleansing pH Bar, Intimate Comfort Gel and two Foam Bath variants.

GynaGuard Comfort Range

The Control Range includes Ultimate Intimate Wash and Vaginal Capsules, suitable for reinforcing an ideal pH balance and soothing discomfort and irritations.

GynaGuard Control Range

The Intimate Range containing Lubricating Moisturising Gel, is specially formulated to enhance natural lubrication, soothe irritation and relieve dryness.

GynaGuard Intimate Moisturising Gel

The popular Ultimate Intimate Wash product has been reformulated to include a pre- and probiotics for optimal pH control, while GynaGuard Essential Intimate Wash and the Foam Bath products now contain probiotics to help restore healthy vaginal flora.

“The GynaGuard team believes it’s within each and every woman’s reach to be pHenomenal all day, every day,” Garth Maart, Brand Manager: Personal Care, Adcock Ingram says. “It’s all about celebrating femininity and imparting confidence to all South African women!”

The GynaGuard range is available in retail stores and leading pharmacies across South Africa.

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