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Titan Pos in the ever-changing world of Retail Point of Sale

Titan Pos has been delivering point of sale solutions to the retail industry since 2010. Before entering the market, extensive study and research into retail client requirements was done. This has allowed Titan Pos to find the right balance between the feature set of the product offered and the technology used to deliver a competitive and cost-effective solution.

One of their key factors in success has been the ability to listen to the end-users needs and find commonality across the user base, which has allowed the product to cross pollinate new features back into the client’s business. This in turn has allowed clients to gain new understandings and insights into their business and thus continue on a path of success.

Most point of sale solutions offer very similar features from cashier point of sale features, inventory management, customer management and reporting.

Customer Loyalty

The first difference is how a business can use point of sale software to attract and retain customers. This can be done without having to spend large sums of money to implement an enterprise point of sale system with an integrated loyalty system.

Titan Rewards was born out of the need for the start-up and SME retailer to access customer loyalty and retention. At an affordable price, the retailer has the ability to add Customer loyalty functionality to their business.

Customer Loyalty is a broad term and can include many things, but in essence true loyalty systems must give the business the tools to attract and retain customers. This is done through the process of reward, recognition and product/service delivery. Yes, stock takes are a must for inventory control but what about counting your customers? What about knowing your customers’ buying behaviour from spend frequency to favourite products?

A further requirement for a loyalty system is ease of use at the till point. Most loyalty systems fail if it fails at the till point. This may because of difficulty of use or non-buy-in by the till operator. So, in essence no matter how grand the loyalty system might be if it cannot get past the till point it will fail.

Titan Rewards was designed from its inception with all this in mind to ensure businesses can effectively count their customers, count their buying behaviour and count on their till operators.

A connected world. The cloud and hosted services.

As people become better connected with increased access to high speed fibre and wireless internet, the need to integrate and benefit from these technologies becomes more relevant.

The advent of better and faster internet connections has allowed for clients to move away from hosting their internal software requirements locally and move them to hosted (cloud) environments. This is a move that we can easily accommodate.

The benefit is that the often-onerous task of looking after your own server and the technical expertise required to manage and maintain this can now be outsourced in a hosted environment.

Titan Pos can scale the software to a wide range of requirements and environments. From the small pop up shop, right up to the requirements of a multi-branch entity. Even though we are becoming an increasingly connected environment, Titan Pos has not lost sight of the basic, mission critical function required of a robust point of sale application.

This is where the ability to work ‘off-line’ comes into play. From inception the software was designed to always run, irrespective of local network or internet disruptions and failures. The ability to host and replicate the inventory database at the till point allows speed of transaction and printing. This means the local till operator or cashier can always transact, your customer need never experience a drop-in service at the till if your network has gone down.



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