• Shaun Bateman

The Damaged Earth Antidote Story

The Damaged Earth Antidote was established in 2019 to provide alternative eco-friendly and sustainable options to consumers.

The Damaged Earth Antidote source and promote re-usable, sustainable, and eco-friendly products as alternatives to existing single-use items out there. We aim to help bring about transformation towards sustainability with creative approaches and solutions.

We aim to create awareness that mobilises people to make progressive changes within their lives by having access to suitable alternatives to the thousands of disposable items we as humans have created for convenience.

Single-use disposable products used for just minutes in our lives can take 1000’s of years to biodegrade.

Making the conscious decision to switch to sustainable products can make a big difference for the environment. Instead of using a plastic straw, plastic water bottle, plastic cotton bud, plastic bags at the supermarket, disposable coffee cups, and balloons, consider the alternatives that are available and #liveconsciously by making the right choice and choosing re-usable and sustainable products rather.

The Alternative Menstrual Cup

The Damaged Earth Antidote provides a cost-effective option for managing menstrual periods as we believe that women should have more options than what has historically been made available to them and for women to be able to make their own informed choices regarding their periods.

An average duration of a menstrual cycle is five days and during this time, women may use up to 30 disposable items which is 390 potential single-use items used in a year which is almost 16 000 single-use items during your menstrual cycle lifetime of between 35-40 years.

The Alternative Menstrual Cup which lasts up to five years is a feminine hygiene device that collects and holds menstrual fluid for up to 12 hours, flow dependent. The Alternative Menstrual Cup is reusable, eco-friendly, discreet. The cup is also made with 100% medical grade silicone, is latex and BPA free.

It comes in two different sizes, small and large. The small is recommended for women under the age of 30 and who have not yet had a natural birth. The large is recommended for women who have had a natural birth and who are over the age of 30.

The benefits of using The Alternative Menstrual Cup

Lower costs, less landfill waste, as the menstrual cup is used internally there is little to no odour as the collected menstrual blood is not exposed to air. The medical-grade silicone used in The Alternative Menstrual Cup is not porous and resists bacterial growth.

There is more time in between emptying the cup in comparison with other products available on the market. As The Alternative Menstrual Cup doesn’t absorb menstrual fluid, there is less risk of toxic shock syndrome. The Alternative Menstrual Cup is easy to clean and very easy to use. The Alternative Menstrual Cup is soft and comfortable to wear for up to 12 hours at a time.

Isn’t it time to #liveconsciously?

So how do you get in touch with The Damaged Earth Antidote to find out how you can stock The Alternative Menstrual Cup – contact Elaine 082 783 4465 or email to discuss your options.