• Shaun Bateman

Sir Fruit adds new health shots to the family

South Africa’s favourite premium juice company, Sir Fruit, has upped their game once more by expanding the Sir Fruit Raw Health Shots range and introducing South Africa’s first Cold Pressed Natural Energy Shot - the much-needed energy boost as we navigate through lockdown!

Introducing the Natural Energy Shot and the Calming CBD Shot – both cold-pressed, one naturally wakes you up when you need it most and the other gently calms you down at the end of a day. Made with cold-pressed fruit, vegetables, and extracts, all ingredients are packed full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

For a morning booster or afternoon pick-me-up, the Natural Energy Shot equates to one cup of coffee with some special ingredients. Experimenting and pioneering the way for Health Shots, Sir Fruit is the first in South Africa to include real cold-pressed cranberries, along with guarana extract, cold-pressed apple juice, and just enough green coffee adding an extra healthy push to your day!

With everyday life picking up its pace, the Calming CBD Shot is the perfect solution to winding down after a long day. It includes a good 10mg dose of CBD, green rooibos, which is rooibos before it is fermented in the sun, and turned red and cold-pressed spinach leaves and apple juice.

“Our fans increasingly understand that prevention is better than cure and our range of cold-pressed health shots perfectly serves this purpose. When creating our two new health shots we wanted people to really be able to feel the energy and relaxation but do so 100% naturally and without all the weird stuff one normally finds in these sorts of products,” says Head of Marketing Roanne Goldsmith.

Perfectly sized for an on-the-go health kick, these invigorating variants are now packaged in fridge-friendly dispensing boxes making it easier to fit into a busy lifestyle. The two new health shots will retail for the low recommended price of R21.99 each and are available at top grocers around South Africa.

For more information, visit the Sir Fruit website: