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Put Premium Brands Back in Store Without the Risk

Updated: Nov 13, 2019

Erin Steenhoff-Snethlage

Theft and stock losses in five premium categories in retail shops will soon be a thing of the past. Products in the Baby Care, Medicinal, Shaving, Sexual Well Being, and Face and Neck categories are high risk items in shops owing to the ease with which they can be grabbed and their high value amongst consumers. The new AutoAisle system form Quattro Management Systems will have a significant effect on the theft of these items.

The AutoAisle system is an auto aisle system that looks like a vending machine but is more sophisticated.

“Everything is in one place and there is one system that controls stock and makes it easier for retailers to sell aspirational products,” explains Quattro Management Systems Head of Sales Ben Jansen van Rensburg. “With this system there is little to no stock shrinkage.”

There are ‘bays’ and each bay hold display products. Then there is the ordering screen where consumers search for the product they need, chooses the quantity and then print the slip. The consumers then take this slip to the till to pay and collect their goods at the collection lockers. Consumers need to scan the barcode they receive and the locker with their goods will open. There is no way for consumers to get the goods without paying, and the barcode cannot be scanned twice.

There is a tablet that can be added to the checkout till or integrated into the existing POS system for consumers to pay for their goods.

The system encapsulates the whole stock chain, from the moment it is ordered to the time it is placed in the collection lockers.

“The whole system is safe and secure. Stock is placed in lockers in the storeroom and only staff with the code can open these lockers. The lockers are placed in a sperate, locked cage.”

With the use of codes to access the stock, retailers can see who has accessed the stock so there is always a way to see when the stock is accessed and by who.

Further, retailers can partner with suppliers and brands to ensure that the AutoAisle system is constantly refilled, and holds the whole unlimited range of products, not just a limited range. This partnership benefits both retailers and brands, as brands can sell more of their products, while retailers are once again destination shops as they are able to have all the products consumers are looking for Jansen van Rensburg avers.

Brands can also help with the cost of the system says Quattro Management Systems Project Director Vincent Lanz.

“Brands can pay for each channel in the bay they use. So, if they have ten products, they pay for those ten channels. The stores will cover the maintenance costs; however, the benefits and profits outweigh the costs,” Lanz maintains.

Additionally, each store will have different needs and require different sized units.

“The wonderful thing about the AutoAisle system is that is can be personalised to fit each store’s requirements. We understand there is no one size fits all and have ensured that the systems can be put into virtually any store with any products,” Lanz illustrates.

The system is live, so products that are out of stock will not be shown to customers on the ordering screen.

“Retailers and brands can pull a report at any time to check stock levels and order more products before they run out,” points out Jansen van Rensburg. “This way they can make sure there is always stock in the machine.”

The live system also means that retailers will have their own, useable date on what is selling and use this data for future planning.

Case Study

A Spar in Boksburg was art of the pilot project to analyse the success of the AutoAisle system. Looking at the Shaving, Sexual Wellbeing and Baby Formula categories in December 2017 when the products where on the shelf versus December 2018 where the product was in the auto aisle system.

In December 2018, shaving products rose by 44% to sell 130 units over December. While some of the cheaper brands sales fell, premium brands sales rose to make up for the shortfall.

In the sexual wellbeing category, the increase was not as significant with only a 9.6% increase. However, premium brands such as Durex saw an 287.5% increase in sales and Lover’s Plus saw a drop of around 27%.

The baby formula category saw the largest growth, growing 115.7% in December 2018 to sell 110 units, up from 51 units in 2017.

It is important to note for all three categories that there where some stock shortages experience in December at this Spar while the stock was rebalanced.

The conclusion of this feedback is that there is a significant increase in most categories that are placed in the AutoAisle solution. There is no shrinkage and greater stock control, as well as a greater range of products further enhancing the appeal of traditional retail outlets.

“Retailers used to keep as little as 30% of premium brands on aisle shelves. Now, they can have the whole range and see their profits rise without shrinkage and loss,” Jansen van Rensburg concludes.


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