• Shaun Bateman

Put a spring in your style with Brutal Fruit’s new 300ml can

Following the debut last year of Brutal Fruit Ruby Apple Spritzer and the iconic first birthday brunch, Brutal Fruit has continued to trailblaze with the launch of its sophisticated new 300ml Ruby Apple Spritzer slimline can.

The new design is so sleek and stylish that it sets a new benchmark for glamourised convenience, befitting the brand’s hip and sophisticated drinkers and elevating any outdoor occasion to the best version of itself, with the full Brutal Fruit experience now able to be #ENJOYEDANYWHERE.

Spring style

Brutal Fruit’s new can is taking #SpringStyle to a new level as South Africa’s stylists embrace milestone occasions, even if those are just a socially distanced Sunday brunch with close friends in the colourful and fragrant outdoors.

Reflecting the brand’s insight into its consumer market, the elegant can sits flush in a woman’s palm for portability and convenience with chic.

Effortless glamour

Brutal Fruit spokesperson, Colleen Duvenage, says: “As a brand, Brutal Fruit delights in the effortless glamour of our responsible drinkers. Our new 300ml can embodies their desire for elegant convenience outdoors while maintaining the standards of style for which they are known. This is one for our spritzer superwomen who do not wish to sacrifice opulence on any occasion, anywhere.”