• Shaun Bateman

Monate: Homegrown goodness in a cup

Established in 2017, Monate Coffee has in a relatively short time made quite an impact on the local coffee scene. They have effectively taken advantage of every possible outlet, featuring prominently as pop-up shops at many large-scale events, on sale at restaurants, and in coffee machines at corporate offices across the country in addition to their popular tasting room in Cedar Square, Fourways.

Breaking into the highly competitive specialty coffee industry in South Africa is no walk in the park, but newcomer Monate Coffee seems to be making waves and gaining a strong following in likely one of the most competitive luxury markets, currently dominated by the likes of illy and Nescafe’.

Over 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally on a daily basis. In South Africa, the luxury coffee brands industry is growing in leaps and bounds as young professionals take to the habit of grabbing a quick coffee from convenience stores on the way to work and during lunchtime.

This is good news for suppliers of specialty coffees since it is leading to an increase in demand for good coffee at home as well.

True to their name, Monate Coffee is delicious - and coffee connoisseurs in Johannesburg and throughout the rest of South Africa are latching on to this proudly South African brand, which focuses exclusively on sourcing the finest coffee beans from eastern African Arabica producing regions including Ethiopia, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Their extensive range of seven popular products cater to every taste, all expertly roasted and ranging from medium roast to medium-dark, and dark for the more adventurous. The range includes two flavoured variants (Amarula Cream and Macadamia Nut) and one decaffeinated product for those unwilling or unable to consume caffeine.

What Sets Monate Coffee Apart?

South Africans are proud people. Despite their differences and to a tee, they are proud to be South African. Monate’s decision to focus exclusively on homegrown single-origin coffee and blends has proven to be a winning formula, with names that people can associate with and relate to. And, of course, it helps that their coffees are delicious.

Slow roasted to absolute perfection, their range of expertly selected blends feature diverse flavour profiles that accent the natural fruitiness, nuttiness, and dark chocolate characteristics of the beans, in line with the tried and tested in terms of the South African palate, providing a beautiful composition while remaining unique and complex.

Wholesale Options

Monate Coffee offers a range of wholesale options to restaurants, convenience stores, retail outlets, café’s and corporate offices, with many prominent outlets and corporate clients featuring on their growing number of clients.

In addition, their convenient online store offers an easy and secure ordering experience for their commercial and corporate customers, as well as for the public, with orders shipped countrywide.

The company is currently on a drive to expand the retail side of things via their online store and selected retail partners, focusing a lot of energy on encouraging customers to take the Monate Coffee experience into their homes and enjoying it where they feel most comfortable, and with the people they love.

With names like Beats+Brew, Freedom Brew, Living the Legacy, Loxion Kofi, Maboneng Brew, Shaka’s Rock, and Soweto Taste, the brand is sure to resonate with a wide range of coffee drinkers in the ever-growing luxury coffee market n South Africa.