• Shaun Bateman

Mediterranean pastry delights with Pasha and Chelsea

The Pasha and Chelsea brand is inspired by authentic, traditional Mediterranean food that dates back more than 500 years ago, to the era of Constantinople, influencing cuisines across Europe and Asia.

Pasha and Chelsea invites you to take a culinary journey back in time, with a range of pastries that are filled with wholesome, superior quality ingredients, sourced from the Mediterranean, using centuries-old recipes that have been passed through generations.

Our pastries are uniquely made using Phyllo dough, which originates from the Ottoman Yufka pastry.

Phyllo derives from the Greek word φύλλο, which means ‘leaf’, and symbolises perfectly, the thin and crispy layers that compose the crust of the pastry. The chefs of the Ottoman Sultans reworked the original recipe, shaping the dough into thinner layers, for a light, airy feel that is delicate on the palate.

Pasha and Chelsea is a Halaal offering, with a choice of meat and vegetarian options. Our signature pies comprise of:

· Rose pies – Traditional, artistically designed pastry, shaped in a rose formation

· Snack roll pies – Roll-formation pastry, sliced into mini pie portions

Our products maintain the highest standards of quality, hygiene, and safety. We have ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 Food Management Systems accreditation, supported by an SGS approved manufacturing facility and a certified Global Standards for Food Safety establishment.

Create a unique, healthier snack experience for your customers, by adding Pasha and Chelsea Pies to your business.

For trade enquiries, contact our sales team on +27612774321, or visit or message us on Facebook.