• Shaun Bateman

Locally leading the way for women in agriculture

B-well Agriculturalist Izane Crous

It is remarkable to see the positive impact of South African women in typically male-dominated industries. The golden sea of canola fields has one agriculturalist to thank; Izane Crous, from B-well, is planting seeds of change in the field of agriculture.

Izane has built exceptional working relationships with local South African farmers customising solutions to suit their unique requirements of the farm and the farmers trust her knowledge.

‘As an agriculturalist, it is my job to ensure that every producer produces the highest possible yield for his/ her particular circumstances’ says Izane.

To achieve this, she assists producers in decision making regarding planting techniques, cultivator decisions, fertilizer management, pest disease, wheat control all through to swopping, harvesting, and eventually the contracting of the seed.

Izane feels that It is so rewarding to be a part of the farming community and even more rewarding to see something grow which you are a part of. To achieve the best yield possible is done through best practice through sustainable farming. At B-well, we aim to always ensure that sustainable practices are implemented in our farming practices. Where issues arise, we investigate the problem, identify the problem, and recommend a solution to the problem.

Canola is known as a winter crop and grows best in the Western Cape with the cooler, wet climate with the golden fields bringing about such cheer in the winter months.

There are many benefits to farming canola both into your diet and crop rotation system. Canola means Canadian oil low in acid, acid referring to euricic acid which is very bad for your health. Canola, therefore, fights inflammation in your body and has a very high omega 3 content. For a farmer, should you include canola in your crop rotation system with wheat it helps you to practice effective wheat control that results in a 20% yield increase.

B-well helps feeds our nation in creating locally produced products that are vital for survival both economically and physiologically. Izane continues to inspire young girls and women to follow a career path in agriculture. For every B-well product in homes across Southern Africa Izane had a hand in developing the canola crop that’s gone to produce the oils.

Izane hopes to leave her legacy that every woman out there whether you are in agriculture or any male-dominated industry to not be afraid to pursue your dream. With opportunity and support, women can venture into any opportunity they choose, and it is up to us as a nation to encourage our girls to follow their passion.