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Local and lekker Twizza continues to be proudly South Africa

Twizza focuses on Proudly South African flavours along with traditional flavours

Twizza was invited two years ago to become the very first official Proudly South African carbonated soft drink. “That was very exciting for us. It proves that after years of hard work and motivation to produce the best local carbonated drinks on the market, we were recognized as an authentically South African brand,” says Twizza Group Marketing Manager Lance Coertzen.

Who could have imagined that what began as founder Ken Clark stumbling across some antiquated soft drink manufacturing equipment would result in a company today with a distribution network that spans South Africa, Lesotho, Swaziland, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique?

The humble story of Twizza begins in Queenstown, Eastern Cape in 2003, where Clark had the foresight to install a state-of-the-art carbonated soft drink line on Crickley Dairy’s site where he was involved. Due to its success, by 2012 another Twizza factory was opened in Middelburg, with a third plant established in 2015 in Cape Town. Twizza has now become one of the country’s best-loved soft drinks and supplying loyal consumers far and wide.

“Beginning our days as a small start-up, through sheer dedication and passion, we’ve grown into one of the most sophisticated production lines in the country. We’re very proud of how we’ve grown as a company. Twizza remains committed to leading local innovation in the soft- drinks category,” says Coertzen.

Twizza continues to keep it local and lekker with its recently launched delicious new flavours: Baobab and Ginger Cola which have already become firm favourites amongst Twizza fans.

The Baobab tree has is a strong African heritage: its juicy fruit is instantly associated with recognisable African landscapes and with being keeping cool in the shade as the African sun beats down. Owing to its strong African roots, the flavour was a natural addition to the Twizza range. Ginger Cola which combines the popularity of ginger with cola, an all-time favourite, is a definite winner that’s making waves around the country.

“Our flavours are specifically curated and created for our local market. We knew that we were on the right track with these flavours because we’re in touch with what our consumers want and enjoy,” explains Coertzen.” Both flavours are authentically African. We understand the South African market because we’re a proud local company.”

Despite stiff competition from international soft drink brands, Twizza is now one of South Africa’s most popular soft drink brands recognised as such by the Proudly South African family.

“We’d like to thank our customers for buying local and supporting the local economy,” says Coertzen, “and we promise to continue as pioneers of the carbonated drinks and refreshment space in South Africa.”



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