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Lay's dump salt and vinegar flavour, brand manager explains why

Social media was left in a frenzy after Lay's discontinued their salt and vinegar flavour. The brand manager for Lay's joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to explain why they did this.

Lay's South Africa has officially discontinued the flavour in the country, and it's caused much discord among the masses.

It all started with a tweet:

After a lot of confusion as to why they discontinued the flavour - Lay's brand manager Wesley Chetty joined Breakfast with Martin Bester to explain the decision.

"We did our research and sometimes flavours do not perform - and we had to discontinue the flavour. We have to listen to our customers and we made the decision," he said.

"Lightly salted is our number one flavour. Caribbean Onion and Balsamic Vinegar is our second-best flavour."



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