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Kellogg's improves its cereals with essential vitamins & minerals

Leo Burnett tells the Kellogg’s story of improved nutrition for busier, modern-day children.

How do you promote a breakfast cereal in a market spoiled for choice? After all, there isn’t a whole lot you can tell South Africans about the most important meal of the day (we’re a foodie nation at heart)…unless you’ve reformulated the heritage recipes, then they might take notice!

Yeah, you heard us. Kellogg’s, who has been serving the world breakfast for over a century, has improved its cereals with the essential vitamins & minerals to help keep South Africans active and alert so that they can achieve their greatest.

When it came to telling the world about it, the brand’s creative masterminds Leo Burnett South Africa were given an interesting challenge; how do you impact the declining vitamin A and Zinc levels, whilst demonstrating that a nutritious morning meal sets the tone for the day’s greatness to be achieved?

“For us, it all came down to the word ‘more’.” Says Donovan Bryan, Creative Director at Leo Burnett South Africa. “Kellogg’s is a trusted brand that has helped kick-start the mornings of many South Africans, so we knew we had to do something meaningful. Of course, we knew that moms and dads buys cereals, but then we asked ourselves, who among us is doing the most? Our answer was, our kids,” adds Don.

“The kids of today are doing more than anyone else – it’s actually insane! There’s this general mentality of being more goal-orientated than previous generations. Kellogg’s is a well-known feature at the family breakfast table, so we wanted to showcase how the nutrients and energy provided early in the morning, translates into momentum for the rest of the day.

Kids who do more, need more. Kids who do great things need a great breakfast. Our film showcases the greatness children are pursuing, and ties in beautifully with the message that Kelloggs wants to nourish greatness.” Concludes Donovan, Creative Director at Leo Burnett South Africa.



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