• Shaun Bateman

Just Aid restores wine, cider and juice to their natural state

Just about every beverage on the market today contains preservatives to keep it from spoiling. These preservatives typically contain sulphites that may result in a wide range of adverse health effects in approximately 44% of South African women and 35% of South African men that exhibit signs of sulphite sensitivity.

Just Aid has introduced a way to neutralise sulphites in alcohol beverages as well as in juices, without any effect on the taste of the beverage.

Many sufferers of sulphite sensitivity describe their reactions as hangover-type symptoms such as headaches, nausea, tiredness, and fatigue along with restricted breathing and flushing around the face and neck.

Each 8ml bottle of Wine Aid, Cider Aid, and Juice Aid contains 100 drops and is suitable for use in any sulphite-containing beverage.

Simply use the dropper bottle to add one to three drops to a glass of wine, cider, or juice to effectively reduce the preservative content just prior to drinking, swirl, and wait 30 seconds before consuming.

The formula in Wine, Cider, and Juice Aid is scientifically tested to reduce preservatives in all wines, Champagnes, juices, and ciders.

Independent tests in world-class laboratories have concluded that Wine, Cider and Juice Aid:

• Reduces the presence of free sulphites in beverages

• Does not affect taste

• Is safe and quality tested

• Effectively neutralises sulphites within 30 seconds

• Treats 24 bottles or 100 glasses of wine and 50 glasses of juice or cider

What are sulphites?

90% of wines contain free sulphites (SO2), as do all ciders and some juices. Sulphites occur naturally, but after the fermentation process, sulphites are also added to the wine, cider, and some juices to prevent it from spoiling and to keep the beverage in pristine condition for extended periods.

Significant numbers of people worldwide experience side effects from sulphites as their bodies aren’t able to process them as effectively. The body’s natural defence system combats these preservatives in a variety of ways, one of which is to release histamines.

As in most allergies, it is the histamines that can cause the allergy-like symptoms – not the sulphites themselves. Some people can develop an intolerance to preservatives, as their bodies can no longer process the chemicals, resulting in ‘allergic-like’ reactions.

What impact do sulphites have?

Symptoms of sulphite ingestion can vary dramatically from one person to another, although the most common are headaches, hot flushes, rashes, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Suitable for red, white, and sparkling wine, cider, or juice containing sulphites Wine Aid, Cider Aid, and Juice Aid neutralizes the sulphites in these beverages and is fast-acting, odourless, and tasteless. In blind taste testing conducted with world-renowned sommelier, Francis Krone, he was unable to discern any change in taste, aroma, or colour when adding Wine Aid drops to the wine.

Consumption survey

The results of a recent product survey conducted on Wine Aid, Juice Aid, and Cider aid drops revealed that:

• 42% to 52% of people experienced a high percentage of allergy symptoms

• 28% to 35% stopped consuming certain variants and restricted their choices to certain wine, ciders, and juices

• 23% to 43% only consumed certain variants

• 34% to 83% stated that the reduction of symptoms after adding Wine, Cider, or Juice Aid drops were extremely positive

Just Aid drops are available in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA, and Canada, and now also in South Africa.

For September and October 2020, you can introduce your customers to the new Cider Aid and Juice Aid products for free – every purchase of Wine Aid Combo Pack includes a complimentary Cider Aid and Juice Aid. Recommended Retail Selling Price per box VAT inclusive is R100, regular selling price is R300. Click here to take advantage of this massive value for your customers. Delivery within 3 to 5 working days on online orders.