• Shaun Bateman

Introducing Alpen Food Company (Pty) Ltd

At Alpen Food Company (AFCo.Ltd), we believe that balanced and wholesome nutrition is essential to a life of excellence. To be at your best, you need fuel to sustain you throughout your day.

AFCo. has been manufacturing breakfast cereal in South Africa since 1996 as a local subsidiary of Weetabix Limited, headquartered in the UK, and manufacturers of well-known and highly popular Weetabix cereal biscuits and a range of Swiss-style Alpen Mueslis. AFCo. is now South Africa’s the 4th largest Cold Ready-to-Eat cereal manufacturer having earned a solid reputation for customer service, quality, and nutrition.

Our brand promise is to fuel your day, at any time, no matter who you are. We bring you convenient, nutritionally balanced, whole food options giving you all the vitality and energy you need. We care about keeping you healthy, happy, and active and we give you the best choices for your whole family.

The company produces the well-known and much-loved healthy wheat biscuit Nutrific, as well as a range of authentic Swiss Mueslis under the respected Alpen label, and most recently Koro Krunch, our nutritious crushed wholewheat flake at an extremely affordable price point. We can also produce Private Label cereal offerings and currently do so for two reputable retailers.

Nutrific is the smart choice to kick off your family’s day. Cold Ready-to-Eat cereal is the biggest cereal category, with wheat biscuit being the largest contributor. Within this segment, Nutrific has outperformed its peers growing by 6.7% in volume over the past year. Made from 100% whole grain wheat, Nutrific is packed with fibre to keep you full for longer whilst contributing to a healthy digestive system. It is high in vitamins B1, 2 & 3, and is an excellent source of iron while being low in fat and containing substantially less sugar than many other breakfast cereals.

Nutrific offers all this goodness in a perfect portion size of two biscuits, making it extremely convenient, even for children to help themselves. It’s extremely versatile as it can be served simply with milk, or with yoghurt, fruits, or a variety of other surprising ingredients – consumers can check out for inspiration.

Nutrific is available in various convenient pack sizes to suit the needs of different households, 225g (12 biscuits), 450g (24 biscuits), our family favourite 900g (48 biscuits), our bulk 1350g pack with 72 biscuits. Every 12 biscuits are uniquely sealed for freshness.

Alpen Muesli has a rich heritage and will celebrate its 50th birthday in 2021, still being produced to the same exacting specifications and recipe as it was all those years ago. The main difference between muesli and granola is that while both are made up of grains, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits, muesli is unbaked while granola is baked along with a sweetener and oil to bind the ingredients together.

Alpen Muesli has shown double-digit growth over the past 12 months. It is available in a 500g resealable pouch in Original, No Added Sugar (for those wishing to limit their processed sugar intake), and Dark Chocolate as a decadent yet healthy treat. All Alpen variants make a great high energy breakfast for those with active lifestyles as well as a replenishing after workout snack.

Our latest addition, Koro Krunch, brings you all the health benefits of fibre and vitamins in a crushed wheat flake. Every bowl contains high fibre, wholegrain, malt-enriched wheat flakes with added vitamins and iron. It is simple, wholesome, and made with the highest quality ingredients.

Enjoy a great-tasting breakfast that is low in fat and high in protein, giving you the energy, you need for the day ahead. Koro Krunch crushed wholewheat flakes offer all this healthy nutrition in a value-priced 400g pack to ensure that all South Africans have access to a wholesome, nutritious start to their day.

Contact us on 021 – 506 3240 should you wish to enquire about stocking any of our quality products.