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Health is wealth: Gracious Bakers not just another brand

Updated: Jan 21

Gracious Bakers has a range of products to meet every consumer need

Gracious Bakers are a local Cape Town based company. They are female owned and believe in empowering their employees. Liz and Fran Rautenbach started the company in 2016 due to a lack of quality health products that were available.

Their company has grown from strength to strength through their persistence and commitment. They are passionate and driven to provide customers with superior health products. Their principles and morals are much deeper, focussing on uplifting and inspiring healthier communities, by connecting people with real food. Their packaging consists mostly of recycled and biodegradable materials. They are not only making a difference is people's lives, but also the environment.

Customers are investing in health more than ever before. For some it’s a choice for others it's the only solution. With the growing disease epidemic, allergies and intolerances, conscious eating is the only solution. Gracious Bakers are part of that solution. They have developed innovative and unique in-house recipes that cater for Gluten Intolerance, coeliac, diabetics, Low-Carb, keto and paleo. All Gracious Bakers products are handmade.

Their products are not only convenient but ideal for the on the go person. Their products are made using only superior ingredients that also tastes great and are price competitive. All their products are additive and preservative free, they believe in “less is more.”

Where their recipes lack in carbs, they are packed in flavour and taste. From traditional buttermilk rusks to penne pasta, you’ll find something to satisfy your everyday craving.

They are not the only ones who love what they do.

The Tim Noakes “Eat Better South Africa” Foundation have endorsed their products for the exact same reasons as well. They received a golden status after their products were scrutinized by the Eat Better South Africa foundation board. This makes Gracious Bakers a trusted brand, assuring customers that their products are in fact are what they claim to be.

The Eat Well South Africa is non-profit organization working to drive health awareness in underdeveloped communities.

Gracious Bakers donates R1, 00 per product sold to assist with their wonderful work. It is very dear to Gracious Bakers hearts to not only drive a brand, but uplift the community at the same time and build a better healthier South Africa.

Gracious Bakers products are:

· Gluten Free

· Sugar Free

· Low Carb

· Paleo friendly

· Keto friendly

What customers are saying about Gracious Bakers

“I have honestly not tried one of your products I didn't like. Value for money” – Carla Griesel

“I am hooked on your chocolate biscuits. It is absolutely divine, and one will never say that it is sugar free! Thank you for a great product” – Joan M Losper.

“After being diagnosed with diabetes a month ago, I went on a crazy search to find foods that I could eat without the guilt. I found plenty of great options at my local Spar, but I wanted something more.

That's when I popped onto Faithful to Nature and found the AMAZING Gracious Bakers range. I have managed to bring my sugar levels down from 15.9 to 6.6 in ONE MONTH WITHOUT any medication other than healthy, natural food. So, thank you Gracious Bakers for making the transition to low-carb, banting, sugar-free living a bit simpler and very delicious!” – Thalia Oosthuizen.

For more information phone 021 850 0373, email or visit



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