• Shaun Bateman

Germ protection should still be top of mind; here’s why

A slower rate in daily COVID-19 infections and the urgent need for the re-opening of the economy saw the country move to lockdown level 2, however, and as the president has stressed, this is not a time for complacency.

In fact, now that more of us will be out and about, returning to work, pupils returning to school, and attending social distancing functions, we need to be more vigilant when it comes to germ protection. The pandemic is still rife and is not going anywhere for a long time coming.

While regular and thorough handwashing for 20 seconds at a time is vital in keeping yourself healthy and effectively curbing the spread of germs, soap and water aren’t always readily available. That’s where alcohol-based sanitisers come to the rescue. Clere Pure & Protect Instant Hand Sanitiser is alcohol-based and will cleanse and protect all skin types providing 99.99% germ protection.

“Perfect for the whole family, Clere Pure & Protect Instant Hand Sanitiser provides optimal germ protection. Now, more than ever, with the country returning to our ‘new normal’ way of life, hygiene, wherever you go, should be top of mind.

It’s recommended you keep your hand sanitiser on you and your family at all times; apply on your child’s hands before school, keep a bottle in your car, in your bag, have one in your line of sight on your desk, and one as you walk into your home as a reminder to sanitise before touching anything,” explains Stacy Roberts from Clere Pure & Protect.

According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), research shows that hand sanitiser kills germs as effectively as washing your hands with soap and water - unless your hands are visibly dirty or greasy. However, and as Roberts points out, sanitiser needs to be used correctly to do its job.

“Unfortunately, when we’re in a hurry, and who isn’t these days? we apply hand sanitiser frantically and way too fast. If you’re squirting it on your hands and then doing a quick hand clap to apply, pouring a little sanitiser on your hands and letting air dry without thorough application or pouring it on and then doing a quick three-second rub on, then sadly you won’t receive the optimal germ protection the product can provide.”

Roberts details the steps you should take to apply hand sanitiser correctly:

• Apply a coin-sized amount of sanitiser to the palm of one hand.

• Rub your hands together, ensuring the sanitiser covers all surfaces of both your hands, including between your fingers and up around your fingertips and nails.

• Only stop rubbing in the product once your hands are completely dry. Don’t touch food or any other surfaces until your hands are dry.

Application should take 30 seconds, as per the CDC’s recommendation as the best way to get rid of germs, with their latest study’s findings that using hand sanitiser for at least 30 seconds can effectively deactivate the novel coronavirus. “The keyword for hand sanitiser to be effective is to apply it thoroughly. Friction is the force that loosens and rinses away microbes.”

While washing our hands with soap and water and sanitising should be adhered to, you may be finding that your skin is a lot drier, sensitive to touch and cracking, adds Roberts.

The increase in sanitising and washing plus, coming out of winter, and the cold front we’re currently experiencing, means our skin is being stripped of its natural, protective oils at a much more rapid rate, causing it to dry out. Using a moisturising lotion or crème like Clere throughout the day will help restore moisture.

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