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Fun has a new flavour, just in time for Summer!

Local brand, BOS Ice Tea, has launched its fun new Summer flavour, Watermelon & Mint. These top trending flavours create a flavour party for taste buds (not to mention it’s packed with organic rooibos, colourant free and caffeine free). This deliciously refreshing iced tea is the perfect treat for the whole family this Summer.

BOS Watermelon & Mint is available in BOS’s favourite family packs – the 200ml tetra pack, perfectly sized to pack in a cooler for the kids to enjoy at the beach, and a 3-litre pack for sharing with family and friends during those lazy hot Summer days.

With only four grams of sugar per 100ml it’s low in kilojoules, for a guilt free treat.

BOS loves to listen to its consumers and this new flavour definitely hits all the high notes of fun and health. According to flavour house, Givaudan, Watermelon is the top trending fruit flavour in 2018 and Mint, the top trending herb! Add to that the vibrant ‘watermelon pink’ colour…cue the most Instagram-able product this Summer!

“We are excited to introduce our new Summer flavour – a great tasting and super refreshing choice for the whole family. This first-to-market flavour and aesthetically beautiful packaging brings our philosophy of “healthy can be fun” to life. We can’t wait for our fans to try it!” says BOS Brands RSA Managing Director William Battersby.



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