• Shaun Bateman

Fruitmans Rusks: The best dunk for your buck

Serial golfer and entrepreneur, Graeme Vrugtman

Fruitman’s Pantry was established in 2010 by then professional golfer, Graeme Vrugtman after he realised that golf alone was not likely to pay the bills.

The one thing besides golf that Graeme truly excelled at, was baking rusks, and thus he decided to try his hand at supplementing his income from behind the oven in his mother’s kitchen.

Before long, Graeme found himself struggling to keep up with the extraordinary demand for his rusks, and, realising that he was on to something good, he established Fruitman’s – the name taken from his Dutch surname, Vrugtman.

Having permanently delegated his passion for golf to weekends – and whenever his busy schedule allows him to sneak away for an afternoon – he set about finding more offsets for his products, quickly establishing a large network of retail distributors in Gauteng.

Fruitman’s rusks are also available in select locations in KZN and the Westend Cape and continues to spread further as people discover the beautiful, firm rusks, with just enough crunch to them to make them the perfect dunker for your morning coffee or tea.

“We’ve kept to our original recipe,” says Graeme, “and we’ve continued to do things the way we’ve always done it: handcrafted. This is because I’ve noticed that consumers have become fed-up with the declining quality of some automated mass-production products available on the market currently.

“Our products have maintained that home-made taste and texture, and I think that has a lot to do with why they’ve proven to be so popular.”

The Fruitman’s range currently consists of Buttermilk, Raisin, Muesli, and Chocolate Chip variations, with more products to be added in the near future.

“We are adamant about quality,” says Graeme. “Our products are made from only the best raw ingredients from select suppliers. Without the best ingredients, it is impossible to have the best product.

“I’ve seen what cutting corners can do to the quality of a product, and we’ve said from the beginning that we will never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products.

“Our rusks just melt in your mouth,” he says. “They are the perfect quick snack during the day – especially with your coffee or tea in the morning, or over lunch.”

For more information on Fruitman’s range of mouth-watering rusks, visit their website or contact them on +27 843 076 868. For enquiries, contact Graeme via E-mail on