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Food retailers recall some pilchard brands after canning problem

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Pilchards in tomato sauce manufactured by West Point Processors have been recalled, affecting Checkers, Shoprite and OK


Faulty canning of some 400g tins of pilchards has prompted a product recall at retailers including Shoprite and Checkers.

West Point Processors has recalled these products as they could be unfit for consumption.

The affected brands are Cape Point and Saldanha, as well as Shoprite Ritebrand, Checkers Housebrand, U-brand and OK Housebrand.

“Most of the stock that may contain deficient cans has been isolated in the manufacturer’s factory, in retail distribution centres across the country and removed from sale in stores,” West Point Processors said in a statement. It was possible that customers may have purchased an affected tin, the company said.

Products with the codes ZST2 and ZSC2 are affected, and can be returned for a full refund.

Shoprite said none of the affected products were on their shelves.

“We urge customers to check their food cupboards and return the recalled product to us for a refund,” the retailer said.


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