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Canned protein volumes contract

BMi Research recently released a report stating that the canned protein market volume contracted in 2017. Canned fish remained the mainstay of the category accounting for almost four fifths (78.9%) of the total volume, while the remaining volume share was attributed to canned meat. The canned fish sub-category experienced a drop in volume, whereas, the growth for canned meat sub-category was flat for the base year. The decline in volume for the canned fish sub-category was more profound relative to canned meat. It is believed that the canned fish market may have been realigning to the previous growth trend prior to 2016.

The retail and wholesale/industrial channel remain the stronghold for the canned protein market collectively making up 88.8%, or 48.7% and 40.1% respectively, of the total volume share for the period 2017. Producers may opt to send their products to these channels relative to other channels due to the large customer presence they have and due to consumers looking for value and affordability. These channels are known for having promotional activity and combo deals, which may be some of the driving factors behind the large consumer base, found in these channels. The foodservice direct channel was under pressure and this trend can be noted across beverage product categories as well. Lower disposable income due to the weak economy may be one of the contributing factors to the reduced demand of canned protein in the foodservice channel, as consumers may be going out less often.

The metropolitan regions hold the largest share of distribution collectively accounting for over half (54.8%) of the total volume share. Consumers in these regions have a higher disposable income relative to other regions and the distribution centres for canned protein are placed around these areas, therefore players may find it easier to send their products to these regions.

The outlook of canned protein remains positive. Producers are expected to increase marketing and innovation, and place more competitive price strategies in the market.



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