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BRM’s commitment to product availability as we navigate the Coronavirus

Coronavirus (Covid-19) is having a significant impact on the world and now on South Africa. In light of this pandemic, BRM are taking proactive steps to address their customers on the protective measures they are taking to ensure the safety of their people and the manufacturing of their products.

“Nothing is more important to us than the safety of our customers and staff and while we already run a world class production facility from a food safety point of view, we will add additional safety precautions within our factory, factory shops and office. These will be in line with the very best information and expert advice available. These measures include empowering our staff members with relevant information and guiding them on personal hygiene, continual sanitising services with dedicated intense cleansing schedules, travel and meeting restrictions, and self-isolation practices where possible. We believe our safety measures and plans are sufficient to minimise any disruption when it comes to our product’s availability” explains Jacques Talpert – Commercial Director at BRM.

Navigating something like Covid-19 can cause stress and anxiety among people and many South Africans are not necessarily used to being at home. If you find yourself missing your favourite restaurant ribs or socialising around a braai with family or friends, BRM products will always be available to make your social-distancing less disruptive with their easy to prepare range of delicious fully cooked and marinated ribs and chicken products.

“We will continue to maintain a good and steady supply of our products in retail stores. This will allow customers to make a restaurant quality meal with the same restaurant taste at home and add a variation to their meals without any risk. In addition our products can be stored in a fridge for a couple of weeks and in a freezer for a few months allowing for less trips to stores,” says Talpert.

“We are in this together and although it will be a huge challenge, we believe we will overcome it. Let’s look after ourselves, our families, our friends and one another, and we’ll all be standing around the braai, enjoying the “Sauce of Happiness” together again very soon- for the time being lets enjoy it apart,” concludes Talpert.

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