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BETADINE advances its Intimate Care range with the introduction of new daily use BETADINE products

Mundipharma has enhanced its unique BETADINE™ Intimate Care range through the addition of new daily use Odour Control intimate products, designed to maintain the health of women’s intimate area and help protect from unwanted odour, itch or irritation.

The new products, called BETADINE™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Wash (Witch Hazel), BETADINE™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Foam, and BETADINE™ Odour Control Daily Intimate Wipes are formulated with natural Witch Hazel extract to help prevent and offer relief from undesirable feminine odours while sustaining the natural pH balance and flora.

The new BETADINE™ Odour Control Intimate Care range has a unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation (Immortelle, Sensiva™ SC 50 and Citrofol™ Al), combined with prebiotics (Bioecolia), to help provide gentle daily protection and maintain the pH balance of a woman’s intimate flora. This specially designed formulation has now been enriched with natural extract of Witch Hazel to provide an advanced deodorising effect that keeps unwanted odours at bay.

The new formulation has been enriched with Witch Hazel to provide advanced deodorising

Everyday activities that induce sweating, as well as menstruation, or consuming certain foods, can lead to undesirable feminine odour, making women feel self-conscious and uneasy. BETADINE™ now offers support for a demanding lifestyle, to naturally prevent and eliminate embarrassing odour, with Odour Control Daily Intimate Wash, Foam and Intimate Wipes (Witch Hazel).

The range has been designed for daily use and it’s pH balanced, hypoallergenic with no parabens or colourants, and gynecologically tested. Each ingredient in the unique TRI-CARE+™ formulation plays a role in keeping the intimate area healthy: “Immortelle”, a natural antioxidant which helps improve skin’s natural moisture; “Citrofol™ AI”, a natural extract which provides effective odour neutralisation, and “Sensiva™ SC 50”, a natural active ingredient which soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation.

The added prebiotics, which are an innovative concept in intimate care, are nutrients that promote the growth of the good bacteria naturally found in the vaginal flora.

Mundipharma Vice President for Middle East, Turkey & Africa, Ashraf Allam, says “Mundipharma focuses on continuous development of its Women’s Health division and is keen on playing an important role in supporting women wellness and empowerment in South Africa. Our objective is to inspire and educate women about the importance of daily hygiene care of their intimate area and its impact on their overall well-being.”



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