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Baby snack product launches increasing by 33% per year

The amount of new product development in infant nutrition is growing. A prime example is baby snacks, where new product development globally had a compound annual growth rate of 33% over 2015-29, according to Innova Market Insights data issued in April.

The CAGR of fruit, dessert and yogurt product launches for babies over that time was 21%, which compared with 13% in baby formula/milks. Natural and unadulterated formulations were prominent in baby snacks, desserts and meals.

“Additive-free claims appeared on around two-thirds of new products in these areas of infant nutrition in 2019 while around one half also carried organic claims,” said Lu Ann Williams, director of innovation at Arnhem-based Innova Market Insights.

Claims of protein, fibre and no added sugar are growing in number. Vegan claims were featured on 4% of infant nutrition product launches, including 12% for baby snack product launches.



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