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           Quest Petroleum: Petredec acquisition

                              and continued expansion

                              South Africa’s largest independent retail fuel network,
                               Quest Petroleum, has been acquired by global Liquid
                                        Petroleum Gas (LPG) giant, Petredec.

                      uest was founded
                      in 2005 by Shaun
                      Hitzeroth and Jay
                      Smith, initially
          automotive and industrial lubricants
          in and around Port Elizabeth.
          They entered the fuels market in
          2007, distributing diesel, petrol,
          illuminating paraffin and LPG
          across the Eastern Cape and the
          Free State Provinces, and have    its presence in South Africa has   which, in addition to the retail fuel
          grown in leaps and bounds since.  been limited to KZN. It is also the   site, includes the Ezee Exprez and
                                            company’s first outing into the fuels   Orbaco convenience store, with
          The company today has a firmly    retailing sector. Petredec has been   existing deals with many major
          established national footprint,   steadily increasing its presence in   South African brands. “The brands
          boasting an extensive customer    South Africa. The establishment    compliment each other seamlessly,”
          base in the wholesale business,   of their local subsidiary, Petrefuel,   says Hitzeroth.
          as well as supplying an ever      was followed by their acquisition
          expanding network of Quest        of wholesaler, Oilco in December   “And we work hard to ensure our
          branded service stations, and     2019, and shortly thereafter,      brands remain vibrant, unique, ever
          operating its own retail chain of   the acquisition of Empangeni-    growing, and attractive investments
          forecourt convenience stores, under   based fuels wholesaler, Jubane   for potential customers. “Our growing
          the EZEE Exprez and Orbaco        Petroleum.                         footprint across South Africa is
          brands, both of which have national                                  testament to our continuing efforts
          agreements in place with some of   Growing Network                   to ensure the growth and success of
          the country’s leading retail brands   The company is actively working   our customers, and proving that we
          including Coca Cola, Blue label,   to expand its already impressive   truly live up to our motto ‘We drive
          Lavazza Coffee and many more.     service station network and EZEE   you’.”
                                            Exprez chain of convenience
          Widely acknowledged as one of the   stores. With numerous unique and   The acquisition by Petrefuel has also
          most vibrant and fastest growing   innovative programmes in place, all   opened the door to the expansion
          fuel suppliers in South Africa,   designed to help retailers increase   of Quest Petroleum to the one part
          the company has seen massive      profitability and forecourt turnovers,   of South Africa where the company
          interest from new and existing fuel   the company is seeing growing   has not been active to date: KZN. “It
          suppliers to join the Quest family.    interest in the brand from within the   has meant, for Petrefuel, expansion
          The acquisition will see Quest    industry and beyond. According     beyond KZN, and for Quest,
          becoming a part of Petrefuel, a   to Branding and Retail Project     expansion into KZN,” says Hitzeroth.
          South African subsidiary of the   Manager, Maryke Hitzeroth, Quest
          Petregaz group of companies,      Petroleum offers more flexibility,   Visit the Quest Petroleum website at
          SA’s leading LPG wholesaler. For   and is more customer orientated for
          Petrefuel, the acquisition means   than most of their competitors in   more information on the benefits of
          access to a wider geographic      the market today, offering a full   joining the Quest and Ezee Exprez
          market in the country, as to date   fuel basket to potential customers,   family.
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