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                                                                                   Production Manager:
                                                                                           ion Manager:
                                                                                      Bronwyn Smith
                                   ome is now a place                                    Editor:
                                   of work, school, and
                                 leisure. And consumers                                Johan Meyer
                                are on the lookout for                  
                               products that help them
                               embrace their new homebody                           Mmanakedi Bokaba,                                                                                                                   C
                              lifestyles, whether they spot            
                             them on a shoppable social
                              media feed or a display in a                                                                                                                                                                 ONLINE        TM
                              physical store. Shopping                               Simon Matthews,
          trends are leaning toward products that make                   
          working at home comfortable, add beauty to home                                                                                  WHAT HAPPENS WHEN SHOPPERS
          spaces, and provide an enjoyable way to spend                            Graphic Design/D TP:
                                                                                   Graphic Design/DTP:
          downtime.                                                                 1. Faith Sejosengwe                               INTERACT WITH YOUR BRAND ONLINE?
                                                                                  2. Pendulwa Mancotywa
          Three retail categories to watch are home goods,
          apparel, and beauty and wellness. One big trend for
                                                                                  ey Accounts Execut
          2021 is a rise in the phenomenon called analysis                       Key Accounts Executive:                         INSIGHTS TO IMPROVE ONLINE SHOPPING EXPERIENCE
          paralysis, during which the stress of making                                Debbie Moore,
          choices about buying can cause consumers to simply            
          abandon their shopping encounters altogether.
          This stress has been exacerbated in the past year,                          Miranda Naidoo,
          as the pandemic has made every decision feel                  
          overwhelmingly important. The fear of making a
          wrong choice is seeping into what consumers buy
          and how they do it.                                                      Terri-Lee Mc Ginley,
                                                                                                      Online                   Transaction                   Delivery                      Overall
          To help ease analysis paralysis, retailers can                                                                           Shopping                     Process                   Experience                   Experience
          reduce customer choices by presenting curated                             Ayushie Atchannah,
          assortments of products everywhere they sell.                                         Website appeal               Order placement             Notification of delivery    Standards compliance
          Implementing selections of staff picks or categories                                                                Registration process         Ease of payment             Compliance of delivery      Competitor comparison
          based on interests can give consumers a sense of                                                                    Navigation & layout          Order confirmation          Condition of order          Overall experience
          comfort in getting an expert recommendation.                                  Accounts:                             Pricing & specs              Payment confirmation        Correct order received      Revisit site
          Retailers must rethink store layouts to foster                            Devashnee Permal,                         Promotional offers           Delivery times & costs
          socially distant shopping. Ease customer anxiety                                   Delivery options
          and promote social distancing by reducing the
          number of displays on the floor to create a feeling                                                                 Return policy
          of openness. Consider using creative merchandising                           DEADLINES
          tools like power walls that highlight products and
          guide consumer attention, without taking up much                               Editorial
          floor space.                                                        Six weeks prior to publication
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                                                                                       Advertising                                  SERVICE                       TRACK                       BRAND                      SERVICE
                                                                              Four weeks prior to publication                                                PERFORMANCE                                                  LEVELS
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